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Rescue - the Student?

Colleges - the Joke?
Does not do the American dream, begin with personal possession
From market skills?
If we eliminate professional athletes and actors on big and small
The screen, degree of the bachelor - the first step to a life out of a minimum -
What happens, when the dream is crossed the person by the validity?
Does a hard work, the positive relation, and strong expectations -
Overcome shortage of the basic preparation for researches of level of college?
Statistics of College
The facts: a) there - more than 1 200 colleges in the USA.
b) 11.6 million Colleges of visiting.
c) 40 % are registered a full time, 60 % - the incomplete working day.
d) Students of college explain 45 % of all American undergraduates.
e) 59 % - women.
f) Average annual training makes 2 191$.
g) 486 000 diplomaed experts annually with Incorporated Degrees; 235,00 annually
Receive two-year certificates.
Five hottest Programs CC
1. The Registered Nurse
2. Carrying out of laws in a life
3. The Practical Nurse Having the licence.
4. Radiology
5. The Computer Technologist
The New York Times
Almost 50 % of all students, entering four-year, two-year, and community
The college - demands the remedial help in reading, the mathematician, and a science. Certainly, they have high school diplomas, but they are unprepared for researches of level of college.
They grieve for career which will allow to enter it into middle class, but they lack skills of studying. In academy they play fault Game. It is an error
3rd teacher of a grade, an elementary school or high school?
What is the time does the entering student, should play ketchup before it or it
Becomes statistical size dismissed?
Test for blow
73 % of the students entering into colleges, expect to attend four-year schools and to receive their diploma. Receive it - only 22 % finish last two years - after six years.
See: Michael of V.Kirst, the professor, Stenfordsky university, the author of research.
 destruction and Gloom
Approximately 50 % of an input in beginners of college will never receive their degree.
Wait are worsens. Almost 75 % of the diplomaed experts of college functionally
Illiterate - they cannot counterbalance a check-book, find out comparative expenses
Food they buy - for ounce, and cannot follow arguments in the politician or
That value that they read or representation on TV. See: the Charitable trust of the Bench, 2006
Please believe that students could diploma college, never reading one book,
The full? In a life after school, and in their career - they will read the resume,
Also listen to reviews, and still never read books. See: the American publishing.
There is an exception?
Last starters - students who find the instructor or the teacher who includes them to an entertainment to study. It can happen in at any time; in or from school system, either an apprenticeship in trade or a trade.
How parents can help to be prepared to the children for higher education requirements?
Here our list of necessary skills to make it at school and career in 21st century:
a) Reading in a minimum of 600 words in a minute which is 3x that from
Average graduates of college in the USA.
b) Storing in double the average graduate of college, because yours
Long-term memory - the understanding and studying basis.
c) Skills of record of lectures: the average lecturer of college speaks approximately in 150 words-for-minute; students do notes in 25 words in a minute.
What does your confidential strategy consist in holding your head above water in lecture?
d) Skills Taking the test: if you have studied confidential strategy in testing, you have time to read all examination three times instead of once. You can lift the set of examination to 58 % if you posess correct strategy.
e) Skills Ruining pressure: it is considered that half of dismissed high school and college is caused by chronic pressure, intellectual depression, fear and anxiety.
Students who are trained in relaxation methods, improve them
Test capture, hearing and communicative abilities. We find that they can
Comprehend and remember to 28 % more than their underlined peers.
Our organisations have been connected with the help approximately two millions
Students and heads learn to be accelerated read, including the White house
Employees of four American presidents. At this time we have studied the awful
Party about memory, concentration, and a concentration of our attention.
Would be help it to students with Colleges be able to
Read three books, articles and messages during time, their peers can hardly
The end even - one?
If they have not coped with complex reading - out of Dika-and-Jane and
Adventures of their dog - Stains - those people in serious
Inconvenience in achievement for their version of the American dream.
How they can receive the foot at doors first?
In our experience - as soon as you make the decision to become in the speed
The reader - also takes the first step forward - within three weeks, you will be
Make quantum jumps to personal growth, and success in school
And in your career.
We know, who has a problem - and is possible you now know that the decision less than is insuperable. The government will solve
College problem? Whether really you wish to wait for the Second coming?
Americans always succeeded through the personal initiative -
Training not variously. Now time to play to win college game.
See ya,
The copyright © 2006
H. Bernard Vechsler

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Carrier rockets of Testosterona - They Work?

Many men take carrier rockets ???????????? to improve their levels ????????????. As the age of men, their levels ???????????? start to decrease. It leads to a considerable quantity of problems including capable to be straightened dysfunction, loss of force of a muscle and the size of a muscle, reduction in ??????, mood disorders as irritation and depression, loss of concentration and memory, increase in fat of a body, infringements of a dream and in certain cases, even osteoporosis.
There are many ways to increase your levels ???????????? which include food meat, the care of your food requirements before and after warm-up, performance of certain compound exercises, such as deadlifts, and squats and taking some natural additions ????????????. Taking carrier rockets ????????????, apparently, are the fastest and the most effective way to increase your levels ????????????.
Carrier rockets ???????????? in general are taken in ?????? trainers and body builders on a regular basis. Men with deficiency ???????????? also regularly take them. These additions raise energy levels, increase force and the size of your muscles, reduce your fat of a body and also increase your sexual engine. There are some natural additions ???????????? which you can take as they do not have any harmful by-effects. These natural additions contain natural grasses as a long nest, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Pauma, a ginseng, wound root extraction etc.
There are many natural carrier rockets ???????????? which block conversion process ???????????? in an estrogen. It is very natural way to increase level ???????????? in a body. There are some carrier rockets which help, increasing your levels of energy and the size of your muscles. There are others which work, increasing anabolic hormonal levels. However, always there is a requirement to visit your doctor before you will start to take these additions.
Increasing levels ????????????, these carrier rockets ???????????? also help, increasing a blood-groove to a member. It actually helps to increase yours ?????? and to increase your sexual engine. They also help to reduce your level of cholesterol and will help your lung and heart to function in the best way. Natural additions ???????????? improve your quick-wittedness and also lift your levels of mood. You can improve also the manufacture HGH, taking these carrier rockets.
It is rather easy to buy carrier rockets ???????????? now. You can search for them on the Internet, and you can even buy their online. You only should solve, you should buy what additions. The instruction of the doctor could have some help in this respect. There are certain instructions which you should follow, taking these carrier rockets, and they should be accompanied very carefully.


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